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What Are the Benefits of Moving into a Salon Suite?

What Are the Benefits of Moving into a Salon Suite?

Are you looking for the freedom to become your own boss? L’Amour Chic Suites of Fayetteville will be having a Pre-Launch Tour for interested tenants. We would love for you to come see what we have to offer.

Get an exclusive tour of our new Salon Suites of Fayetteville, GA.
Learn how you can start your own business in the beauty industry. Sign your lease with NO APPLICATION FEE. .
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285 Glynn Street South, Fayetteville, GA 30214


L'Amour Chic Parking Lot- Modo Global Lifestyle Consulting
L’Amour Chic Parking Lot- Modo Global Lifestyle Consulting

Are you looking for the freedom to become your own boss? L’Amour Chic Suites of Fayetteville will be having a Pre-Launch Tour for interested tenants. We would love for you to come see what we have to offer.

What are the benefits of moving into a salon suite?

-Have freedom from drama and salon meetings that waste your time
-You have full control over when you work

-Stop giving up 45% or more of your income AND paying booth rent
-Sell products and services that increase your revenue stream

-By having one-on-one attention with your clients, you can build better relationships
-Clients love to feel exclusive and knowing that their stylist is giving them full attention

-Privacy in your own salon without needing expensive building out costs of a complete salon
-Customize your salon with personalized decor and self-expression
-Have uninterrupted client conversations without the fear of being overheard

-Enjoy free in-house training for salon professionals that updates them on the latest industry trends
-In a salon suite, salon professionals come first
-Our salon suites will assist salon owners with their marketing and branding, including assistance with websites, marketing materials, email strategy, and social media.
-Mutual support and a family atmosphere allow you to continue building the relationships you would in a salon

Located at 285 S. Glynn St. Services will consist of hair stylists, barbers, estheticians, manicurists, cosmetic dentists, make-up artists, and massage therapists. Shopping boutique included.

What Are the Benefits of Moving into a Salon Suite?
L’Amour Chic Suites of Fayetteville will also provide exclusive referral services.
*Two weeks free rent with 1-year lease. *One month free rent with 2-year lease.

Everything is BRAND NEW and rooms are fully customizable. We provide quality equipment and design for each of our tenants. Each room has over 100 sq ft and windows. We are beating rent prices, style, and experience at all surrounding salon suites. We will help you market your business and create a high-quality group of professionals. Make your own hours and avoid salon politics. Rent is GUARANTEED not to increase for the first year.

We provide:
~The opportunity to set your own hours and work with like-minded professionals
~Competitive suite rental costs
~24 hour access to your private studio that includes security cameras
~Upscale equipment including wall dryers and utilities (wifi, water, and electric)
~Full customization of suites available to represent your unique style
~Suite sizes over 100 square feet
~ALL suites have windows letting in natural lighting
~Free washer and dryer for towels and break room
~Waiting area and vending machine
~Continuing education for professionals
~Assistance with getting liability insurance and licenses
~Ability to sell products and keep your profits
~The ability to share your suite at no extra cost
~Ample parking for customers
~Social media and online marketing assistance
~Guaranteed rent price for one year!

If you are a licensed cosmetologist (graduating students are welcome for a great entry price), barber, esthetician who lives or works in Fayette, Fulton, Coweta, Clayton, Spalding, or Henry County and you’re looking for a new salon home, we are opening Salon Suites of Fayetteville in the heart of downtown Fayetteville, Georgia! Contact us today for more information or SHARE this with someone you know!

Single and Double Suites available.
Come with questions and sign your lease with NO APPLICATION FEE. Simply pay a deposit to secure your spot.

Communication: A Letter Pinned by Bianca Modo

It has come to my attention how much a lack of communication with another person can bother me. In my mind, it seems so easy to be present and take the time to put away social media, other friends, and anything else distracting to build a true connection with another. Where the connection is meant to be intimate or friendly, it’s possible to pull away from the world and get to know a person in the time you have with them. If you are constantly lost in your phone or internet, where is the time for that person? Saying that you are so busy is bs. You don’t know how to manage your time or where to place your priorities. You can’t expect someone to give you their all when you are constantly distracted by anything and everything that isn’t them. I think people tend to get too comfortable…they think they are safe from being removed from an individual’s life. They think they’re “in there.” I’m the type of individual to give you an equal chance without stringing along the last mistakes from a previous relationship. I never make someone pay for a former love’s mistakes. I am open and honest with my expectations and I give you the chance to impress me, because I definitely want to impress you with who I am genuinely. If you can’t bring anything other than sexual conquests and a few dates to the relationship, what’s the point? I don’t want someone around who just wants to take up my space and energy.

There are also those who have never had the type of love their heart truly desires. But they’ve also never given the type of love and attention that would attract the type of love their soul needs. It’s the idea of insanity (doing the same thing, but expecting different results) that keeps them from manifesting that love. There’s true love out there, but it requires a unique amount of attention to details and nurturing that provides the love a space to grow and be free. This type of love cannot be played with or cast away to the side and forgotten. You must water it and give it sunshine for it to thrive. As you nurture that love, it will blossom and become it’s own unique and authentic self.



I’m a pure and spiritual being…my soul needs to fed. I yearn to be understood. Take the time to be present and get to know the different layers of my soul. When your attention is everywhere but with me, I become annoyed and turned off. Balance is key to building the most peaceful life. Knowing when to work and when to love is crucial to your being. I am just as busy as any other person, but I always make time for those who are presently in front of me. I can easily become distant and start putting up walls when I don’t “feel” your energy. If you aren’t willing to communicate and solve current issues, I become even more distant. Once I know something is bothering you, I am committed to solving that issue so we can move forward and continue strengthening our relationship. By leaving issues unresolved, tension starts to build and at some point, one person tends to quit and fade. At this phase in my life, however, I’m not interested in fading… I will just disappear. I know that I don’t need anything in my life that causes confusion, pain, or strife, especially in the early stages of building a connection. First impressions are very important, and I believe that if a person doesn’t bother to put a mask on who they are (good thing) this is truly who they will be and early decisions must be made to avoid wasting any more time. Most people tend to realize the lesson and decide to stay around to see if they can change the person or if the compatibility will increase. Sometimes, you just aren’t compatible and that’s okay. I’d rather learn it now than to find out years later that I have been living a lie. Communication is key to my sanity. It’s key to every aspect of my life from personal and family to work relationships. If you are not trying to communicate with me, you are not trying to build a connection with me.

Georgia National Fair

What's better than visiting a good 'ol country fair in Georgia? Absolutely nothing. But I'm pretty bias since I'm a Georgia Peach. This year was actually my first time visiting the Georgia National Fair.

I definitely went for the food and stayed for the scenery, free music, live chicken births, and amazing talent shows.

I'll spare you the long story and just show you since I'm such a visual person. Enjoy!


Georgia National Fair

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