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About Bianca

"I'm a recent MBA, MSc. graduate in Luxury and Fashion Management and International Marketing Relations from Paris, France with experience in Human Resources and Creative Direction. I love to travel, and I have a strong desire to work with cutting edge brands in luxury, art, and commerce."


"Overcoming adversity, realizing potential, and celebrating uniqueness through motivation and empowerment of individuals, innovation and creativity, and fashion."

Personality Type: INFP

Fascination Advantage: The Intrigue

Astrology Sign: Cancer

Life Purpose: Achieve Enlightenment, Be a Compassionate, Intuitive, Loving Supporter, Heal and Teach, Bring Unity into the World

I love combining storytelling and creative solutions with emotional intelligence. Understanding the uniqueness that each individual represents helps to cultivate the relationships with themselves and others. Hidden beneath the surface is our authentic selves. I encourage everyone to boldly express every aspect of themselves to create their most sought after life.

Bianca "Modo" Isom, MBA, MSc.

Founder & Creative Director


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